Our Vision
Making the world a Happy Place for PETS
Provide Exclusive Timely Cabs for ALL Breeds

About the Company

Founded in December 2013 in Bangalore, PetCab is a trusted pet transportation system.
  • Why do we do it?

    We were deeply saddened by the state of pet transportation services today, pet parents have to put up with nagging autowalas or other transporters. And let’s face it, everyone does not consider about the safety & comfort of your pets, nor do they care about the anxieties that our furry friends face when travelling. And they charge exorbitant amounts knowing you don’t have a reliable alternative.

    That’s where we come in, PetCab aims to provide an amazing ride experience for your pets, in well equipped vehicles driven by pet-friendly trained drivers who are well versed with handling pets and their travel anxieties. We are pet lovers first, service providers next.

    Why do we do it?
  • How does it work?

    We want to provide a hassle-free ride experience for your pets and an easy booking service for the pet parents. Booking a cab for your pet is as easy as booking a pizza, ok, maybe a little easier than that. You simply use our app (download link here) OR fill a very brief booking form online (link to online booking form) OR you may call us at 7676146666 and place your booking. That’s it! We will send our nearest PetCab for pickup and drop, easier than ordering a pizza right?

    How does it work?
  • How do I pay?

    Cash: If the owner wishes to escort his/her pet, they can pay using cash on drop-off.

    Paytm: If you are unable to make the travel, don’t fret, you may also pay using Paytm, the fare will be calculated on pickup/drop. You may also use Paytm while escorting your pets.

    How do i pay?
Our Mission
To provide Safe,Convenient & Joyfull ride experience for PETS
Provide Exclusive Timely Cabs for ALL Breeds
Don’t believe us, hear what our customers have to say.

I was going to work via Hosur Road this morning, and saw a Maruthi van that said 'pet cab'. There was a dog riding in the back quite comfortably. Was so tickled; noted the web address and looked you up. What a neat idea! and a great service. Best of luck to you.

Hemalata Rao‎

I would like to thank you for providing me cab for relocating my furkids from Bangalore to Belgaum. Service was awesome and drivers were very friendly and helpful. They stopped cab whenever we asked. I would like to thank you guys wholeheartedly.

Ravi Kumar
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