Attach your Cab with PetCab

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What do you require to drive with PetCab?

Pet Friendly

You are a pet friendly person then you are at the right place and the right job. We are looking for people who will be compassionate to pets and pet parents.

PetCab Partner

You with your commercial driving license badge and the regular police verification certificate to ensure everyone is happy.

Your Car

It should be a commercial vehicle with a Yellow number plate in good condition. You can share your car model and car specifications with PetCab for validation.

Your Phone

Can be any Android phone which supports the PetCab mobile application.

Why you will love driving with PetCab

More Earnings

PetCab Support

Bookings Automated

Keeping Pets Happy

Instant Booking / Point-To-Point

FAQs on PetCab Attachment

PetCab is a services that provides pick up and drop services for pets and their owners. PetCab app will connect our clients to our driver partners in the cities PetCab operates. You can accept pickups as per your convenience and if you are nearby to the client's location. PetCab aims to provide an amazing ride experience for the pets driven by pet-friendly trained drivers who are well versed with their travel anxieties. We are pet lovers first, service providers next.
A person who is pet friendly first, has a valid commercial transport license and clean driving record can drive with PetCab.
It's free to sign up with PetCab. Commissions will be deducted only on trips by PetCab.
All drivers are paid the same day or within two days. The amount will be credited to the drivers account.
PetCab gives you complete freedom to drive or not and its completely your decision. You will get notifications and messages from PetCab, you are the boss to decide to take it up or not, no approvals.
Only commercial vehicle can be attached to PetCab, private vehicle cannot be attached.
Being pet friendly can be a advantage in the job, even if you have affection or can sympathise for pets and animals we are fine with that.
You will be given pickups only if the pet owner is travelling with the pet. If the pet is alone you can inform the office or reject the pickup.