Here's what we can do for you.

Veterinary Visits

PetCab helps you take your pets to veterinary clinics, hospitals & emergency centers.

Do you have a famous pet?

Need someone to take your pets to film shooting locales, weddings and other special events? PetCab is the specialist, we will make your pet feel like the VIP they are.

Boarding Kennels

We swiftly and safely get your pets to boarding kennels.

Going on a tour

PetCab helps you identify pet friendly hotels and pet resorts for your holiday destinations. We also pickup and drop from railway stations and even bus stations. So don't fret about your pet's travel needs, simply call the professionals.

Outstation Pickup and Drop

You plan to relocate to another city with your pets, simply book online or make a phone call and the PetCab team will handle your transit professionally and dropped of at the destination safely.


You furry buddy going on a holiday or a long distance travel, we will ferry your loved pets to the airport right to the cargo or departures section. Pet parents and their pets will have a hassle free transit to the airport at any time of the Day or Night.

Pet Grooming

Choose from our wide selection of amazing pet grooming salons and forget about the worry of transport. Have your own favorite pet salon? No worries, we'll take your pets wherever you want !

Pet Cemetery

The loss of a pet is one of the hardest things one could face and only a pet parent will understand how devastating it is. We ferry pet parents and their memories of time spent with their furry buddy who deserves a memorable goodbye, leaving countless memories of the beautiful friendship until we meet again.

But Why Us?

We are pet lovers

All of us here are pet lovers, period. We love being around pets, and don't consider it a work at all. It is our passion, our commitment.

We are professionals

Loving pets is one thing, being professionally trained to handle pets is another. All of us here are specially trained to handle your pets with love and care. We break down the ice between our professionals and your pets every time we meet them.

We are equipped

We have with us a wide array of customized vehicles. The vehicles are designed for ease of travel and comfort for your pets. We have personnel who understand the anxieties and issues that pets face while traveling.

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