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PetCab is proud to present its flagship program for all institutional partners - PetCab Corporate. At PetCab, we want to provide great savings for its partner institutions while at the same time maintaining effortless booking and hassle-free accounting.

PetCab Corporate is your way of keeping your customers happy and turn them into repeat customers, all while saving on costs. Imagine a customer who wants to use your establishment but has trouble finding transportation for their pets (we all know regular cabs don't allow pets inside), with PetCab Corporate you can provide them with easy access to a nearby PetCab and an amazing ride experience for their pets, now that's customer delight !

PetCab Corporate helps you build Customer Base | Commitment | Cost Reduction, and you are free to share these savings with your customers anytime ! That's another brilliant way to keep the customers coming !

For more information, write to us at or call us on +91 9343633222

The future of pet transportation is here, welcome to PetCab Corporate.

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